Saturday, October 4, 2008


YSR orders closure within a week
Sale of adulterated, cheap liquor mixed with chloral hydrate
YSR directs Excise Commissioner to commence a drive
HYDERABAD: Touching upon a crucial issue raised by women, Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy has ordered closure of all “belt shops” (unauthorised liquor shops) in the State within a week with the use of regular police, if necessary.
Dr. YSRajasekaraReddy took this major decision after identifying “belt shops” as a prominent reason for urban poverty at a meeting on the issue at the Secretariat on Friday.
A senior official later said the Chief Minister YSR noted that “belt shops” sold adulterated and cheap liquor mixed with chloral hydrate, endangering the lives of consumers.
He was also anguished that these shops turned out to be a threat to the image of the government.
Dr. Reddy ordered Excise Commissioner Heeralal Samaria to commence a drive immediately to close these shops in a week and asked Principal Secretary (Revenue) G. Sudhir to submit a report on action taken.
While there are 6,500 licensed liquor shops in the State, their owners have opened an estimated 2,000 “belt shops” on the plea that population in the “belt” (area) covered by the licensed shop is more and hence the need for other shops.
The Chief Minister YSR directed extension of loans at three per cent interest to urban poor, opening of training centres to provide at least one lakh jobs to the youth in cities and rehabilitation of beggars found at traffic islands at destitute homes.
Reviewing toddy policy later, Dr. Reddy ordered for waiver of a huge sum of Rs. 8.5 crore taken as loans by tappers. Toddy trees
Mr. Mukesh later told reporters that the Chief Minister also ordered immediate allotment of five acres to each district tapper cooperative society.
The Chief Minister agreed to transfer toddy subject to Cooperation Department from Excise.