Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vundavalli Eulogizes YSR

Congress MP from Rajhmundry, Arun Kumar Vundavalli seems to have taken upon himself, the task of eulogizing the Congress CM Rajshekar Reddy come what may.
Despite the many apparent pitfalls the government has committed regarding various issues of governance, Vudavalli feels that the present state government is a role model for other states to follow, and he opines that many state governments are itching to follow AP's the growth model.
He also insists that the 'Grand Alliance' has been formed just to see the downfall of YSR, whose popularity the opposition is unable to contain with.
Now, Arun Kumar Vudavalli is so full of himself and his boss that he is blinded to facts, and is just seeing what he wants to, no one can cure a person like him.
The various scams in the state and the rampant corruption are apparent to all, and if Mr Vundavalli feels that other states are desperate to emulate this corrupt model for progress, then he is thoroughly mistaken. There are other states in India which are being run much better than AP, and they don't need to emulate Andhra to run their show; YSR and Vundavalli will realize this after the following elections.