Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GVK Reddy To Join YS Jagan?

GVK Reddy To Join YS Jagan?
GVK Reddy To Join YS Jagan?  GVK Reddy To Join YS Jagan?

With each passing day, the presence of Y S Jagan has been getting stronger in the political and public circuit in Andhra Pradesh. Support is growing for him from various corners of the state including the controversial Telangana region. Now, another news has arrived which caught the attention of many.

While many of his opponents are still scratching their heads to counter Jagan’s financial muscle, here could be more trouble. There is news that GVK Reddy is likely to join hands with Jagan as soon as the young leader announces his new party. However, this will not be from the front end.

Inside source reveals that rounds of discussions were on over the past few months between both sides. The agreement is that GVK will take care of things from behind the scene while his trusted aide might be joining the party. The analysts say if GVK and Jagan join hands then they will become invincible.