Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ambati Rambabu complains to police, against ABN Channel

Hyderabad, Sep 16: Noted news channel ABN Andhra Jyothi has beamed a report about the romantic conversation of YSR Congress official spokesperson with a lady. Apart from women’s organizations, party president Jaganmohan Reddy has also expressed anger at him, in response to the report.

As this has become unbearable, Rambabu has lodged a complaint against the channel, with the Banjara Hills police station. One Manju has also lodged a case against the channel.

Whether all this is true and what happens to Ambati Rambabu if it is true, and if it is proved that ABN has faked the story and if it did so, if all the TV channels will get bad name – will be known soon.

ABN-Ambati-Manju controversy reaches HRC

The ABN Andhra Jyothy channel’s exposure of the sexual pastimes of the YSR congress party spokesman Mr Ambati Rambabu took a new turn today with one of the alleged victims of Rambabu Ms. Manju turning hostile to the channel and lodging a complaint against it to the state human rights commission (HRC).

Ms. Manju complained that she acted against Rambabu after being threatened by the ABN channel. “I made allegations against Rambabu under compulsion and coercion and I request you take steps against the channel,” she told the HRC.

The HRC, based on the complaint, directed the police to look into the matter and submit a report to it with in a week.

Sticking to the code of ethics of the visual media, the ABN channel on Friday has shown the silhouette of Manju on its channel making serious allegations against Rambabu but by the evening, she made a U-turn and alleged in a media conference that she was forced by the channel to speak against Rambabu and make baseless allegations.

She also lodged a police complaint against the channel’s MD, Mr Radhakrishna and one of its reporters, Mr Kranthi saying the she was forced to speak against Rambabu by them.

Manju also alleged today that she feared a threat to her life from the ABN management as she lodged a police complaint against them

Channel says Manju switched sides under threat

ABN channel said today that the victim Manju voluntarily approached them to conduct sting operation against Rambabu but she later switched sides after being brainwashed by him again. The channel said that Rambabu called several times the ABN reporters from his mobile number 9440307999 to seek cancellation of the telecast of the special program in which his sexual escapades are exposed. “He called the channel for a compromise but the channel reporters ignored his calls,” said the channel.

Andhra Jyothy daily also published stories of Rambabu’s reported sexual escapades and the U-turn of his victim, Manju.