Monday, December 19, 2011

YS Jagan, The Fighter

ys jagan
YS Jagan, The Fighter

The most popular leader of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. YSR passed away on September 2 of 2009 in a chopper “accident” on his way to and in service of his beloved people, plunging the state and the nation into deep grief. The crash was concluded by all the investigating agencies to be an accident even before they started (or may be before YSR even stepped in to the chopper).

News of his death became known to the world on September 3, 2009. His death was a hero’s death. A smiling YSR steps in to the chopper on his way to Racchabanda that he himself designed to make the governmental programs more effective and to assure that they reach the people intended.

There were great efforts by the state local leaders like Raghuveera, Anam brothers, Bhatti, Sabita, and rest of the 150 odd MLAs to install YS Jagan as the Chief Minister. The signatures of the MLAs for “Jagan for the Chief Minister” were entirely predictable as the emotions were running high, following the death of the giant. What most people don’t seem to understand is that Jagan did not, at any time, take it upon himself to initiate that signature campaign for his candidacy for the post.

The man was in deep sadness and the days were too tragic for him and he did not have the recourse to meet with MLAs and convince them. It was KVP, who started that campaign of signatures for Jagan, without any approval from Jagan.

In the initial days following YSR’s death, KVP acted in his haste and compromised Jagan’s reputation by acting on his behalf in Delhi and at the state level, projecting Jagan’s candidature to the post. This led to Jagan getting more grief, on top of his father’s death. Yellow gang maliciously uses this to throw mud at him till date.

This rebellion by the MLAs and Ministers and their signature campaign naturally made the Congress High Command wary of YSR/YS Jagan’s strength and popularity and they then started an aggressive campaign to cut Jagan to size. The HC realized that to accomplish their goal, they needed to malign the image of Dr. YSR, who got them the power twice at the Centre. The control on CBI, ED and other agencies that they are using to accomplish their goals was in fact given by the same great YSR that they are now trying to malign.

The trying times get the best out of a man, most people opine. Cornered completely from the HC and yellow gang, Jagan had two clear choices, either prostate in front of Sonia Gandhi or take the fight in to the people on the shoulders of his great father. Most YSR followers were scared if he would make the first choice, which will be of great benefit to him personally, but was not the right thing to do.

Even after realizing completely that his political enemies will hound him, the young man, pushing all his future in to great risk, he proudly chose what a Pulibidda would chose naturally – the fight. He knew what happened to bigwigs that went against the HC. But this young man did not flinch, did not blink, and have been taking the body blows from the Congress HC, CBI, ED, and the yellow gang.

The financial losses have been mounting and no one wants to help him in fear of the same forces going against them. But the young man grew in to the most popular leader present in the state and behind only his father in terms of popularity, charm, and moral values that a leader must possess.

YS Jaganmohan Reddy is the only fighter besides NTR that went against the mighty mafia that they call themselves as the High Command. In addition to what NTR had to encounter, Jagan has another formidable and immoral force that we all know as the Yellow Gang that comprises of Chandrababu, Ramoji, and others, besides the mad dogs that the MCH should shot on the spot like Revanth Reddy.

YS Jagan took the fight to the people from the cozy boardrooms of 10 Janpaths and Gandhibhavans. He is clearly winning the fight, over the Congress cheaters and TDP backstabbers. The massive crowds that are backing Jagan are the proofs that he did make the right choice for himself and for the people. The masses believe that their jananetha Dr. YSR is not dead after all, but lives on in his son, YS Jaganmohan Reddy.