Wednesday, November 26, 2008

'Ramoji Ramayanam or YSR Bible'?

'Ramoji Ramayanam or YSR Bible'? The front page of the 'Sakshi' newspaper that carried out a personal tirade against the media baron Ramoji Rao using his son Suman as the bait titled the issue as 'Ramoji 'Ramayanam'.
This is a rather ironical situation given the fact that the persons responsible for this have no clean slate, is the buzz in the circles.
You guessed it right, they are talking about Y S Rajasekhar Reddy and his Co trying to bring down Ramoji in the quickest way possible fearing his power as the king maker in the forthcoming elections. While that is one aspect, the profile of YSR has been filled with the allegations of factionisim, political conspiracies and scams.
The corruption levels in the government, land grabbing under the guise of development and kickbacks associated with them, the stories will surpass even the tales that have been written in the Holy bible. It is about time that they clean their backyard before they point fingers at other individuals, say some other party candidates