Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hyderabad, Nov. 16: The Chief Minister, Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, strongly criticised the Praja Rajyam president Chiranjeevi for saying that there was no need to construct irrigation projects in the state. "Thank God, Chiranjeevi is not in a position to become the Chief Minister. The state would have gone back 25 years with such an understanding of issues," Dr Rajasekhar Reddy said. "I am surprised at the level of understanding of these new leaders who make comments on taking up irrigation projects. Mr Naidu had already ruined the agriculture and irrigation sectors when he was Chief Minister. It seems like there is another such leader in the making," said Dr Rajasekhar Reddy. articipating in a television programme here, the Chief Minister pointed out that the state had undergone a severe drought for almost nine years due to improper planning by the then government. "Now we are setting things right. However, the Opposition is hell bent on stalling the execution by spreading false allegations," Dr Reddy said. As food security is at risk, all countries, including the developed ones are supporting agriculture and irrigation in a big way the Chief Minister explained. e said that the law and order situation in the state was under control and that there was no need to have any doubts on the issue just because of Moddu Srinu’s murder. "Aziz Reddy who was killed in an encounter was in no way connected to the former TD MLA Paritala Ravi’s murder. His name was not in the 150-odd list of accused. But the TD is trying to connect all the murders," Dr Rajasekhar Reddy said. He announced that an impartial inquiry would reveal the truth behind the Srinu’s murder