Saturday, November 29, 2008

YSR strongly backs son-in-law's rise

YSR strongly backs son-in-law's rise
: Even as his critics see red over the growing clout of M Anil Kumar, ostensibly with the blessings of his father-in-law and chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, the latter has strongly defended Kumar.
Soon after he became chief minister in 2004 and his son-in-law gained attention as an evangelist and the media started asking him about Anil Kumar's new found vocation, Rajasekhara Reddy quipped: "What's wrong?"
"Anil Kumar has oratorial skills and is a good preacher. He draws huge crowds on his own," a person associated with him said.
Incidentally, Anil Kumar was not born as a Christian. He got converted to Christianity after his marriage to Rajasekhara Reddy's only daughter Sharmila. He started preaching on the `calling of God.' The story of the marriage of Anil Kumar is also not without a twist.
Sharmila, the story goes, had to enter into unwilling matrimony with someone else because of family pressure. This in spite of the fact that she was in love with Anil Kumar and even her father Rajasekhara Reddy doted on her. Reluctantly, Anil Kumar too entered into marriage with someone else. But love, they say, is all powerful. A short while later the two got divorced and entered into fresh matrimony with each other. Rajasekhara Reddy was close at hand to bless this wedding.