Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Time running out for jagan to woo PRP MLAS

Time running out for Jagan to woo PRP MLAs

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HYDERABAD: If the Jagan camp wants to work on splitting the Prajarajyam party, it has less than a weeks time to do so as the 30-month party will merge with the Congress on February 14.

Two PRP MLAs, Shobha Bhuma Reddy and K Rami Reddy, are already with Jagan. According to sources, while the Jagan camp is in talks with at least three other PRP legislators, the merger move would make it more difficult than before for them to lure away the legislators.

Now, the PRP MLAs would be dreaming of cabinet berths, important posts and council nominations. It will not be easy for us to wean them away from Chiranjeevi, said a Jagan loyalist.

Jagan would need to convince six of the 18 PRP MLAs to split the party.

That would be considered as one-third of the total strength and would not attract the anti-defection law.

Any moves that the Jagan camp should make should be now as after February 14 the PRP would cease to exist, sources said and indicated that the chances of the YSR son engineering a split in the PRP in the changed circumstances would be quite slim.

Meanwhile, in a bid to protect his flock of legislators from poaching by other parties, Chiranjeevi is said to be offering them the moon. Of the 18-member strong PRP Legislature Party including himself, two-thirds should vote for the merger for it to take place.

If one-third oppose the merger, they would be declared as unattached members and allowed to sit independently in the Assembly away from the other PRP MLAs who would move to the treasury benches.

But before the merger, if the party president and or legislature party leader lodges a complaint that some members are resorting to anti-party activities, the chair (Speaker) has to examine the issue, said deputy speaker N Manohar.

Realising this, several MLAs in the Chiranjeevi camp are demanding a written assurance that they would be given a ministerial berth or chairmanship of a corporation.

In the event of a no-confidence motion, it is the independent MLA who will be much sought after. After the merger, nobody would look at us. So, we are insisting on a clear-cut assurances, said one PRP MLA.

Read more: Time running out for Jagan to woo PRP MLAs - The Times of India http://timesofindia/