Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PRP merge in congress party &PR second-rung leaders to sail with the Congress

Chiranjeevis prp combine with association

Chiranjeevis Praja Rajyam Party joins Congress‎
prp combine with association 

Congress in Andhra Pradesh right away got a vital progress right away when actress Chiranjeevi voiced a partnership of his Praja Rajyam Party with it that could come as a breather for a statute celebration confronting fighting behind from Y S Jaganmohan Reddy as well as a supportive Telangana issue.

After weeks of behind channel talks in between a dual parties, actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi, a clever votary of a assimilated Andhra Pradesh, met Congress arch Sonia Gandhi during her chateau here for over 50 mins as well as finalised his partnership skeleton that could move brand new domestic fixing in a state.

“We have motionless to combine a PRP with a Congress. It is in a most appropriate interests of a state of Andhra Pradesh… it is an ancestral arise for (the state as well as a dual parties),” he told reporters outward Gandhi’s residence.

During a meeting, attended by Congress leaders A K Antony as well as Veerappa Moily, 55-year-old Chiranjeevi pronounced he discussed with Sonia a stream domestic incident in a state as well as assorted developmental projects that will good people.

Moily said: “We acquire him. He has assimilated a Congress family from today.”

Chiranjeevi’s PRP, that was launched in August, 2008, has eighteen MLAs in a 294-member Andhra Pradesh Assembly as well as his preference to combine with Congress can give a supervision a little fortitude in box a twenty-five celebration MLAs constant to Jagan mangle from it.

The actress additionally brings with him a substantial cube of back Kapu village votes widespread especially in coastal Andhra as well as Rayalaseema regions, though has usually immaterial in a Telangana area where a clever separatist transformation is right away on.

Troubled by a rebel of Jagan, son of late Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, a Congress had private a ageing maestro K Rosaiah as well as brought in a most younger Kiran Kumar Reddy as well as had been operative on alternative ways to make firm a party.

MLAs constant to Reddy have been in attendance rallies as well as fasts organized by a immature personality defying a celebration High Command.

The PRP has eighteen MLAs in a 294-member state Assembly as well as a Jagan stay claims to have a await of during slightest twenty-five MLAs. By roping in Chiranjeevi, a Congress, that has 155 MLAs, might be means to face a hearing of strength in a Assembly some-more confidently.

Of a eighteen PRP MLAs, dual have been with Jagan as well as a single is in await of Telangana movement.

Chiranjeevi pronounced PRP’s partnership with Congress was concluded on but any pre-conditions as he was worried “only about a raise of a poor, downtroden as well as deprived sections of a society.”

“No. Not all. we don’t have such motives. we will be operative for a people as we am (doing) now,” he said, replying to a bombardment of queries either he would be partial of a state government.

, Feb. 6: The Praja Rajyam’s second-rung leaders and cadre are to join the Congress of Y.S. Jagan’s group in the city after the party merged with the Congress on Sunday.

The Praja Rajyam has a sizeable vote bank in three assembly segments of East, Central and West segments. The party won two seats, the east and west segments in the Assembly elections in 2009.

With the merger of the Praja Rajyam with the Congress on Sunday, the party cadre decided to opt for either the Congress or Jagan’s group. Most of the Praja Rajyam cadre and second rung leaders migrated from the Congress to Praja Rajyam two years ago when the actor-turned-politician K. Chiranjeevi floated the new party.

It was estimated that the PRP has vote bank of 10 to 15 per cent in the city. TheCHIRANGEEVI  supporters will switch over their loyalty to other party. The Praja Rajyam has maintained soft corner towards the Congress since the beginning and never had friendly ties either with the Telugu Desam or the Left parties. There is mixed reaction from the PR cadre on the merger of the PR with the Congress. Most of the PR supporters say the party president Chiranjeevi had taken a correct decision on merging with the Congress. But, some leaders who migrated from Congress to PR are in a tight spot.

They are in a dilemma whether to rejoin the Congress or to go with Jagan. Former MLA Mr Vangaveeti Radhakrishna migrated from the Congress to the PR when Chiranjeevi floated the party. Now, he can’t go back to the Congress because some other leaders occupied the key positions in the central segment. The existing Congress leaders will generally oppose the re-entry of Radhakrishna back to the same party.

Most of the PRP cadre is unlikely to join the Telugu Desam or Left parties because they will not get recognition. Senior leaders in the CPI, CPI (M) and Telugu Desam are trying to consolidate their position and will not allow the PR leaders to hold key positions. So, the PR leaders have remote chances of joining either the TD or the Left parties. The Congress and Y.S .Jagan’s group will try to attract the PR cadre.