Tuesday, December 6, 2011

YS Jagan Vs Sri Ramulu Vs FAN Victory

YS Jagan Vs Sri Ramulu Vs FAN Victory


The Congress at the center saluted YS Rajasekhara Reddy for establishing a firm and strong hold for the party in AP. But as soon as he passed away, the Delhi Sultanaite started ditching his family and also worried about YS Jagan who is strong enough to take the legacy of his father and emerge as great Congress leader.

Well, the family legacy in Congress is supposed to be attributed only for Rajiv Gandhi’s blood line and none others. Well, that was understood soon after YSR’s demise.

The harassment started on YS Jagan in such way that he quitted the party and hoisted the flag of YSR Congress.

Yellow media in the state and a section of Congress sponsored national media said that YS Jagan did a mistake and he is about to lose. But he contested Kadappa Lok Sabha and Y S Vijayamma from Pulivendula with FAN as their election symbol. They won triumphantly shutting the mouths of entire media and Delhi sultanaite.

Similar thing happened in Karnakata today. The BJP could form government in Karnataka with the blessings of Gali brothers. But eventually, the same Gali brothers were ostracized and ditched. Their associate Sri Ramulu came out from BJP and contested independently from Bellary Rural assembly in the bypoll. Interestingly even his party symbol for election is FAN. He got a whopping 46,000 majority and won. In fact, media wrote and shouted that Sri Ramulu will lose.

Finally, BJP candidate Gadilingappa was way behind with 17,366 votes while Congress leader Ramparasad was in number-2 position. Out of 171000 voters, about 120000 had cast their votes. But the ultimate verdict lies in the hands of people but not set of media people those work as cronies for ruling parties.

Sriramulu told reporters here that "BJP has been taught a lesson for ditching people who helped it to come to power".

So, this election result is a clear indication of anti ruling party feelings among people. Be it in Karnataka or in AP, a new wave is indicating. Despite, arrests and tarnished image by media, the people have no negativism on Gali brothers Janardana, Karunakara and Somasekhara despite knowing their support for Sri Ramulu. Let us wait and see what is in store in AP and Karanataka politics down the line.