Monday, January 2, 2012

Rajasekhar-Jeevitha Behind YS Jagan Again?

Rajasekhar-Jeevitha Behind YS Jagan Again?

The film couple of Rajasekhar-Jeevitha who were riding high at one point of time are reportedly in a deadlock situation. Nothing is working out in terms of their films, all political parties have boycotted them for their dubious stands and the cine folks don’t try to involve much with them out of their own experiences.

However, it is now heard that the couple has not given up and have taken another step. Buzz is that both Rajasekhar- Jeevitha are trying again to get in touch with YS Jagan and join his party as there is no other choice as per grapevine. But many are saying it has to be seen whether Jagan will accept them or not.

The talk among political circles is “Jagan is not easygoing or forgiving like YSR. He looks at people who have patience, tolerance and service motivation than mere power craving. If Rajasekhar- Jeevitha want an entry then they better be serious about working hard for the party and not use it like a platform for their publicity.”